Will I be charged the amount it tells me on the subscription or card page when I press the Let’s Do It button?

If you’re brand new, then you get two weeks on us before being charged.

If your subscription has been cancelled due to payment issues and you start a new one - yes, you’ll be charged. In all other cases this number is the amount you’ll be paying in a usual week/month/year. Any changes you make will be done Pro-rata. The system works everything out automatically.

What in the world is Pro rata / Proration?

Changed your subscription and received a bill for more or less than you thought? Our subscription service uses proration - which is a fancy word for working out what you owe based on a partial week, month or year - depending on your billing frequency.

So, say you pay monthly and added our Control add-on to your subscription on the 15th of June (and your usual billing date is the first of the month).

You paid for the whole month of June on the 1st of June so the the system works out the partial amount of Control from the 15th to 31st June (instead of $20 for the month it would be around $10) and it charges that partial amount along with your normal July bill on the 1st July - in the case below Medium plan for July = $65 + Control for July =$20 + Partial Control for June = $10. In August, you're back to $85+ gst for Medium + Control.

posBoss payments - pro rata

The reverse is true if you remove an add on mid-month. The system works out the amount you’ve paid on the 1st June, takes the remainder of the Control add on payment and adds it to your account as a credit - which is taken off the 1st July bill.

The only time this doesn’t happen is when you change between Weekly, Monthly or Annually. These are totally different plans that need to be calculated in their own way - so if you have changed the payment frequency and been changed straight away - please get in touch and we’ll figure it all out for you from there.


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