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Square - Initial Sign up and Setup
Square - Initial Sign up and Setup

Set up posBoss and Square Contactless + Chip reader to talk to each other.

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What do I need?

To get posBoss and Square talking you will need the following:

  • posBoss subscription, and an iPad.

  • A Square Point of Sale account. Not signed up yet? Sign up to accept card payments with Square and posBoss and get your first $500 of sales processed fee-free!

Connecting posBoss and Square:

A couple of things to note for your Square Point of Sale setup:

  • posBoss does not yet support multiple sites. If you have multiple sites with Square we only connect to the first site in your list.

  • Receipts. You have the option to use receipts in either posBoss or Square. To configure receipts in Square - Configure Square Receipts. To turn off Square receipts - Skip Receipt.

Once your Square account is set up and you're ready to connect posBoss

Select payment provider

Select your payment provider in Setup > iPad setup on your Management site.

Here you will see the Eftpos Integration selector. Click inside the button where it says None then select your provider.

Click Save. You will see some links below to help you get set up.

Sync your change to the iPad app

  • Once activated, head to the posBoss iPad till app, press the Settings button then press Sync Menu. Once you're synced, close and restart the posBoss iPad till app and reopen it. Head to the settings again and you will see the Eftpos button.

  • Are you using an iPad with iOS13 or greater? If so head to your iPad's Settings - Settings > Safari. Scroll down near the bottom and untick "Request Desktop Site" then head back to posBoss settings...

  • Press Eftpos then press Connect.

posBoss Eftpos Settings for Square Payments
  • At this point, you'll be taken through to the Square website to link Square with posBoss. Log in with your Square account credentials.

  • After login you will see this page, followed by a pop-up. Press Open to complete the linking process. You may see this pop-up a couple more times as the apps first connect a payment. Press Open when prompted. You will also be asked to allow posBoss permission to the Square app. Press Allow when prompted.

posBoss - Connect to Square Payments
  • You may be directed back to the app store at this point. Close out of the app store and re-open posBoss.

  • The posBoss iPad till app will reopen at the eftpos page and you will see a success message. Press the X at the top right to close the window and get started with taking payments!

posBoss integration successful with Square Payments

From here, when you select Card on a payment, you'll be whisked into the Square app's payment screens to process the payment, then taken back to posBoss once processed.

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