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Where do I find and how do I reset my posBoss password?

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Forgotten your posBoss Password?

If you can sign in to the management site, click your business name at the top right. Go to Your Login Profile and reset your password there. Press save and you're good!

Can't log in to the management site? No worries! Head to the sign in page, press the Forgot your password? link and follow the instructions.

Any issues, send us an email at hello@posbosshq.com and we’ll help you out.

More on Passwords...

The password you create when you first setup your account allows you to access the posBoss Management Site as well as the posBoss iPad App.

Your posBoss username is the email address used to sign up.
Please note that all communications from posBoss get sent to this email address, so it needs to be an active account.

There are a few other names and passwords you should keep handy:

  • The email account used to access posBoss

  • The Apple ID used on your iPad (If it is not your ID - we suggest you change it sooner rather than later.)

  • iPad Pin Number (if used)

  • Wifi and Internet access

  • posBoss Cash up passcode (located in the management site settings)

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