How do I update or delete Mods?

How to update, rename or change pricing on a modification

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Here's how to make changes or delete mods...

To locate the mods, head to the Mods page in the Management Site.

Here you will see a list of the categories your mods are created under. Search for or drop down the categories to locate the mod you're after. Click the edit button on the right...

Here you can make changes to prices, category etc. or press the Delete button if you no longer need it.

Deleting a mod cannot be reversed. The mod will be removed from any items it has been added to, but it will still remain in any historical reporting.

The final step is to sync your change on the posBoss iPad app.

On the iPad App, go to Settings then press Sync Menu to bring down the changes. You're done! Go on, get on outta here and enjoy the day 😎

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