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Create, edit, or remove staff logins for your Bustle hub
Create, edit, or remove staff logins for your Bustle hub

How to set up new staff members, or advisors for access to your Bustle hub.

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Bustle Hub Logins

A Bustle account is initially created with one master (Boss) login for your Bustle Hub. Any Boss login has individual access to the support channel and full access to the site.

Should you (the Boss) need to give access to anyone else in your business, or the likes of an advisor or accountant... you can! And you can restrict their access to exactly what you want them to see.

Not what you're after? Looking for staff logins to track actions in the Bustle Till iPad app? head here!

Creating a Bustle hub login

On your Bustle Hub, click the Settings cog at the top right of the site then select Company Settings and press Site Logins. Here's where you view and create users. Click the Invite Someone to your Venue button to get started.

  • Enter the person's Name and Email The Email you enter will be the person's login credentials for your Bustle Hub.

  • Select an appropriate Role (see below for Role details)
    Note; Once a Boss Role has been created it can not be edited to a different role.

  • Press Invite Now when complete

What happens from there?

The person will get an email with an invite to respond to. They press Respond to invite and they'll be whisked away to a web page asking to confirm details and set their password.

NB: Adding a new team member to multiple venues

If you have more than one venue and you are adding a team member across more than one...
You need to add them to one site at a time and get them to accept at the first venue before adding them to the next venue, and sending them the second invite.
NB: If you add a user to more than one site at a time the links cancel each other

Here's what the staff member gets in the email:

From here they are taken to your Bustle hub for the venue you have invited them to.


Roles restrict the access a person's login has to your Bustle Hub. A Staff Member will only have access to change the menu, while a General Manager will have access to almost everything. To see what access each role has, click - What do the roles mean? at the top of the page.

Resetting a password for a person's login

Easy! Get the person to head to the sign in page , press the Forgot your password? link and follow the instructions.

Removing & Editing a staff member’s login

Head back to the Site Log Ins page in Company Settings and click the staff member who you need to remove, then select “Delete.”
If you need to change their Role, you can do this by selecting the staff member and clicking on Role. You will be able to choose the access level you want to change them to.

Note; Once a Boss Role has been created it can not be edited to a different role.
All done!

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