Please note: Additional Management Logins are available on our Medium/Large plans by default or on our Small plan with the Control add-on

Management Site Logins

A posBoss account is initially created with one master (Boss) login for the management site. The Boss login has access to the support channel and full access to the site.

Should you (the Boss) need to give access to anyone else in your business, or the likes of an accountant... you can! And you can restrict their access too.

Not what you're after? Looking for staff logins to track actions in the posBoss iPad till app? head here!

Creating a management site login

On the Management site, Click your company name at the top right of the site then select Company Settings and press Site Logins.

Here's where you view and create users.

Click the New User button to get started and fill out all the fields required.

  • The Email and Password you enter will be the person's login credentials for the Management site.

  • Select an appropriate Role (see below for Role details)

  • Press Submit when complete


Roles restrict the access a person's login has to the management site. A Staff Member will only have access to change the menu, while a General Manager will have access to almost everything. To see what access each role has, click - What do the roles mean? at the top of the page.

Resetting a password for a person's login

Easy! Get the person to head to the sign in page , press the Forgot your password? link and follow the instructions.

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