Making Sections for Optional Mods

Can I split up optional modifications into their own sections?

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We've made the Bustle menu builder quite open so you can get a little creative with modifications.

Let's take a look at how you could add in a section element into an item. We'll take a look at a coffee item - the classic Cappuccino

In this example we will use Mods as the section breaker. Create a mod, such as we've done here, using dashes. You could also add a descriptive word in the middle if you need a section heading. (Use around 35 to 40 dashes on either side of the word and play around with the length until you get it displaying correctly on the iPad)

We will create these seciotn headers as MILK, SWEETNESS and OTHER.

Edit your item and add your newly created "section header" mods under the Optional Mods area before the options that fit into the category you're trying to create. Like so...

Save the item using the Done button and make sure you sync the menu on the iPad to see the changes. Pressing the Cappuccino button will open it up, showing your brand new sections. Like this...

Please note that as the section header is a mod - if it's pressed it will print, which won't look great on a small docket. Let the team know not to select them.

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