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Set up position / cover numbers on your dockets

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To set up position numbers in posBoss, we use required mods (modifications). To set these up, head to the Menu page on the management site. Within each item you'll need to manually set up the same required mod group.

Open or create an item, click "+ New required mod group" and call it Position. (or another term that works for you)

The next step is to create your position mods. Make sure to use some special characters when naming these mods, to differentiate them from mods the kitchen needs to work with. Something like... ##POS1
Create as many position mods as you need and add them to the mod group.

The mod group will appear on the item window, where you can select the position related to the item and add any further notes if needed:

posBoss iPad App - Seating Positions

Once added to an order or tab, the position number will appear first and print out on the docket as below. As the mod is priced at $0, it will appear on order dockets but not on customer receipts.

posBoss Order Docket - Seating Positions

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