Emoji Staff Logins - Initial Setup

Improve comms at the pass & track which staff member created an order or made a payment.

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Emoji Staff Logins improves the communication at service time and allows you to track your team's actions within the posBoss iPad till app.

Setting Up

To get set up with Emoji Staff Logins, head to the posBoss Management Site and click Setup > Emoji Staff Logins.

By default, your main account login will appear already set up with a three emoji pin.

The button named Enable Staff Logins will toggle on/off this feature.

Click the New Staff Member button to set up your team's logins to the posBoss iPad till app. Enter their first and last name and select three emojis and press Save.
For security, be careful not to show this page to the team.

When complete, it's time to grab the iPad/s and complete the setup. On all iPads, open the posBoss till app, go to Settings and press Sync Menu. The following lock screen will now appear:

posBoss Login screen

Using the logins

Tap or swipe over your three emojis to log in and use posBoss. The emoji screen is set to lock after every transaction or action and after 60 seconds of inactivity.

Once an order or transaction is completed in the system, the staff member's initials will appear in the history against the action they completed. Try tapping on the initials to expand the full name.

posBoss Transaction History - Emoji Logins

The staff member's name will also show on order dockets, cash ups and on the History screen in the posBoss Management Site.

And to get the most out of the Staff logins - check out the Staff Sales Summary report under Reports

If you're adding more staff members or are unable to get someone logged in, check out the article below:

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