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Can I place my posBoss subscription on Hold?
Can I place my posBoss subscription on Hold?

Season over or shutting down for a while? Can I put my account on hold?

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You sure can place your account on hold!

Placing your account on hold gives you continued access to the management site and all your settings, reporting, items and menus - ready to rock for your return!

The cost for keeping your account on hold is only $5.95 +gst per month.

When you are ready to go on hold:

  • Do your last cash ups on all iPads and delete the posBoss apps. (If you are unable to do this part please ensure you do a delete and reinstall once you get back to using posBoss again.)

  • Log into your posBoss management site and click the Settings cog at the top right of the site then select Subscription

  • In the second section on the page (pictured below) you can place the account on hold. Follow the prompts, enter your posBoss password and you're away!

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