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Regulr - How do I set up "Pick up time"
Regulr - How do I set up "Pick up time"

How to add a time so customers can request when to pick up their treats

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We've made Regulr quite an open app so you can add anything you like to your Regulr menu using Sections and Items.

Let's take a look at one way you could offer a pick up time element to Regulr...

Create your buttons

Add some new items and price them at $0. For this example we've created these items to cover off most customer requests.

  • ASAP

  • 15 mins

  • 30 mins

  • Specific Time (add time in note field)

But get creative - do what works for you.

Add Section and Items to your Regulr menu

Head to Regulr > Menus and create a new section, called Pickup Time in this example.
Add your newly created buttons and save!

On the Regulr app it will appear like this...

Regulr App Sections

Last Step - Add the items to your normal iPad menu for printing

If you're not sure how, check out this article below

You're done!

Well not just yet... here's some helpful info about how your customers can pay....

If the customer wants to pay in-store, they can. Simply grab your iPad till and head to Settings > Accounts & Vouchers > Mobile. Locate the regular's account and pay it by Cash or Card as normal. And guess what - No Regulr payment transaction fee (just the normal card one if paying that way).
Or, just let it ride and they will be charged on the Sunday, easy!


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