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Regulr - How can I add a contact number?
Regulr - How can I add a contact number?

Can I communicate with customers in Regulr to tell them when it's ready?

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We've made Regulr quite an open app so you can add anything you like to your Regulr menu using Sections and Items.

Let's take a look at one way you could ask for contact numbers in Regulr...

Create a Phone number button

Add a new item priced at $0. Name the item "Phone number (Required)" or similar

Add a new Section and Items to your Regulr menu

Head to Regulr > Menus and create a new section, called "Contact Info" or similar.
Add your newly created button and save!

Add a note to your Opening Hours field (Optional)

On your Bustle hub, head to the Regulr tab > Settings
Update the Outlet Opening Hours field with information about needing a phone number for all orders.

On the Regulr app it will appear like this...

Your regulars can press the phone number button and enter in their phone number in the note field.

Regulr Opening Hours

Last Step - Add the items to your normal iPad menu for printing

If you're not sure how, check out this article below

You're done!

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