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Regulr - How do I start and stop trading?
Regulr - How do I start and stop trading?

How to display on Regulr when you are and aren't taking orders - when you are open or closed.

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There are a couple of ways to approach this. For both ways, you should make sure your operating hours are written in to your Regulr settings under Outlet Opening Hours.

The switch on and off approach

For this you would switch Regulr on as you start for the day and off at the end. Do this on your Bustle hub under the Regulr Tab

Turning Regulr on

Turning Regulr off

Please note: Your outlet will drop off Regulr when switched off and appear again when back on. Regulars will be unable to find your outlet or order when you don't display

The leave on and review approach

For this you would leave on and rely more on your regulars checking the opening hours and using common sense. In this case, your regulars will be able to see your outlet on the Regulr app at all times and be able to order. You will need to review all orders at opening time and decide which orders to cancel and which to accept, depending on time of order - i.e. if it was ordered last night, chances are they aren't on their way in.
One way to add some more order time information is to add a pick up time option to Regulr. Check out how to below.

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