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Regulr - How do I handle age restricted sales?
Regulr - How do I handle age restricted sales?

How do I handle age restricted sales through Regulr

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Please note: You will need to ensure that this solution meets the requirements for age verification in your region or country. The following is an example of how you could use Regulr to possibly meet these needs.

How do I set this up?

There are two areas in Regulr that you could use for handling age restricted orders - the Opening Hours long text field and the menu buttons.

Opening hours

On your Bustle Hub, head to the Regulr tab and click Your Place. Locate the Outlet Opening Hours field and enter in your wording - example below.

Regulr Opening Hours

Menu Buttons

We've made Regulr quite an open app so you can add anything you like to your Regulr menu using Sections and Items.

Let's take a look at one way you could offer an age verification element to Regulr...

Create your buttons

Add a new item called "I am over 18 years of age" and price it at $0.00. Add a required mod set to the to the item and add the mods - YES and NO, with NO as the default mod, meaning they have to press the item and make a change to click YES.
​Bustle Hub - item button on menu page shown below...

You could also add it to a section of its own called something like Age Verification or First things First (such as in the pic below) and add it to the top of your menu.

And the Last Step - Add the new items to your normal iPad menu for printing

If you're not sure how, check out this article below

How does it look in the Regulr App?

Regulr Outlet in the app

And when you open up the "I am over 18" button...


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