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Reports - Sales Transaction Summary
Reports - Sales Transaction Summary
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In our Sales Transaction Summary report you can view all your financials (GST incl. or excl.) for the day or any date range in the past.

Use the date selector to choose a date range for your report. It defaults to loading yesterday's report. You can also export the report to a .CSV file

Click here to toggle between exclusive or inclusive of GST.

Exporting this page will give you both sets of figures

Now let's step through the sections of the report...

Total Money Taken

This total displays how much cash and card takings you should expect to receive, based on the total of payments received in the fields above, minus any refunds.

Note: You may have other payments such as petty cash. Refer to your cash ups for day to day takings.

Total Forgone Payments

This section calculates the value of orders that you didn't receive money for - wastage, hospo (complimentary), and discounts.
Click on the Wastage or Hospo rows to drill down to the itemised report.

Outstanding Payments

This section calculates the items you have placed on account for later payment or have removed from Bustle to be paid by invoice.

Gross Total of Transactions

Totals everything up so you can see the "Gross sales" total of everything moved through Bustle (whether paid for or not).

Total Value of Transactions...

In this final section, we show you the total of the transaction values that relate to the orders processed in the date range.

Why this is important?
When delayed payment, discounts, tips and surcharges are involved, it can get complicated in this report.
You are receiving money for orders processed out of the time period, as well as tips and surcharges being additional income that don't relate directly to your order values.

We then match this against the Total value of all your orders for the time period and display the variance between them.

There are a few reasons a variance may appear between these two numbers. Click the link on your report to view the variance article.

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