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Reports - Sales Category Summary
Reports - Sales Category Summary
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On the Sales Category Summary report you will see the breakdown of your item categories (ex GST). The top section shows Total Sales and the section below displays the Cost of sales.

Use the date selector to choose a date range for your report. It defaults to loading yesterday's report. You can also export the report to a .CSV file

Click here to toggle between exclusive or inclusive of GST.

Exporting this page will give you both sets of figures

Total Sales

This section of the report displays totals and averages for each category for the selected date range.

Cost of Goods

This section displays your cost of goods totals and GP percentages - very useful as long as you have recorded your cost of goods using recipe builder or manually on all items.

Drill down further!

By pressing the icon next to the category names here you will be whisked away to the GP on Items Ordered report to see your breakdown by item.

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