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Reports - Items Ordered Summary
Reports - Items Ordered Summary
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The Items Ordered Summary report was built to display the total counts and value of items and modifications ordered (displayed separately). The report is very similar to the GP on Items Ordered report - the main difference being that the GP report shows mods attached to items and this report shows them separately as well as showing any changes to pricing or costing over time.

Let's take a look

Use the date selector to choose a date range for your report. It defaults to loading today's report. You can also export the report to a .CSV file.


The top section displays all your items ordered over the time period. The category headers will display by default. Click the down arrow to the right to display your items ordered. You can sort by column.

If there has been a price or cost change in the the time period selected the Sales Price will display an average. You can then drop down the item on the right to display the price changes.

The sections below display Required Mods and Optional Mods ordered - also broken down by category.

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