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Reports - Hospo Wastage Refunds
Reports - Hospo Wastage Refunds
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The Hospo Wastage Refunds report displays every item assigned to Hospo (complimentary/giveaway), or wastage, or refunded on the Bustle Till iPad app.

Use the date selector to choose a date range for your report. It defaults to loading today's report. You can also export the report to a .CSV file.

Click here to toggle between exclusive or inclusive of GST.

Exporting this page will give you both sets of figures

Report Highlights

The top section of the report displays your total forgone payments for each section.

The rest of the report is broken down into each section of Hospo, Wastage and Refunds. We display the Item name, the quantity, the total cost (where applicable) and the total of the forgone payments,

Under Hospo, you may notice a row at the bottom called Unassigned Transactions. These are partial payments made to Hospo on the Bustle iPad app Pay screen, rather than using the Hospo function on the main menu screen.

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