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Regulr Settings

What do the settings do on the Regulr Settings page?

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The Regulr Settings page is where you set up all the business information about your outlet. This information appears on the Regulr app for when customers are browsing and ordering from you.

Let's take a quick look at each section

Order Receiving Device:
Select the iPad that you want to receive orders on from Regulr. Even if you only have one iPad running, make sure to select it from the dropdown. If nothing appears in this dropdown, this means you do not have an active device. Log in on an iPad and refresh the page to resolve.

Outlet Name:
The name of your business outlet that will appear in the Regulr App. The name your customers know you by...
e.g. The Riverbend Cafe

Outlet Phone Number:
A phone number that Regulr users can call if they have any questions about their order or payments.

Outlet Opening Hours:
Whatever you write here is displayed in the Regulr App so that users know when they can order from you. This is only for display and does not manage when users can order. You could also put an approximate time it takes you to prepare orders - e.g.: Orders are ready within 15 minutes of being accepted.

Outlet Address:
The physical address of your business. Start typing your address and select the correct address when it pops up.

IMPORTANT: Make sure the address finder locates your address and you then select it rather than type or paste in the full address and hit save. If not selected from the list displayed, your Regulr users will be unable to find you.

Logo Image:
Upload your outlet's logo image here. It should be a square image, no larger than 5mb. The ideal dimensions are 500px x 500px. If it doesn't save, your file is too big.

Hero Image:
This is the area to upload your hero image. An image that represents your personal hospitality style.
The pic should be no larger than 5mb and the ideal dimensions are 1200px x 960px.

Social Media handles:
In the three fields below, add in your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram handles here to allow Regulr users to quickly find and follow your accounts.

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