Need to see what happened in an order or transaction in the past? Need to re-send a customer receipt a few weeks down the track? You've come to the right place!

To keep the iPad app running smoothly, orders and transactions are cleaned up and removed. The management site is the place to go to view all your historic information and you can view all of them from the very first day you started with posBoss until now.

Head to History on the management site.

In History you can view all your orders and transactions (GST incl. or excl.) for the current day or any day in the past. You cannot run a report over a larger date range due to the size and sorting of the results .

posBoss History

Use the date selector to choose a day for your report. It defaults to loading today's report. You can also export the report to a .CSV file.

To toggle between viewing order or transaction detail, toggle between the two on the top right of the page

posBoss Transactions and Orders

History Page Layout

The history page displays hourly segments of your transactions and orders. To expand a segment, click anywhere on the row.

Should you want to expand all segments and scroll through you can toggle expanding all on the lower right of the page...

History Filters

You can filter the results by Staff Member, Payment type or by which iPad the order or transaction occurred on.

Transaction records

Transactions will appear as per the pic, displaying the time, the iPad, the staff member and the amount paid. A transaction can consist of multiple orders.

Click anywhere on the transaction to drill down and view the details. Here's also where you can download or email the receipt.

Order Records

Orders will appear as per the pic, displaying the time, the iPad, the staff member and the order number. An order can be paid off with multiple transactions.

The order record has a similar look and feel to the transaction record and you can also download or email any transaction receipts from within it.

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