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Reports - Custom Reports
Reports - Custom Reports

Run sales totals, compare or combine items, mods or tags over custom date ranges.

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Custom reports allow you to run your own reports based on items, mods or your own tags. You can view all sales, combine or compare a number of items, mods or tags & view by total sales $ or by number of items. You can even save your reports by bookmarking the URL.

To get started, head to Reports > Custom Reports and press the button...

Report Types

Select the type of report you're after/

All Sales - A simple report displaying totals across a date range for all items

Compare Sales - Say you wanted to look at how many flat whites vs. cappuccinos you sold over a time period. This report is your go to!

Combined Sales - Say you wanted to add a few coffees together and track their performance over a date range. Use a combined report!

View Data

You can view the report results by total value or switch it over to number of items ordered.

Reporting on

For the Compare and Combined reports you can report on items, mods or tags. Make your selection then locate what you're looking for by scrolling, using the category dropdown or by the search window.

Click the checkbox, as shown, to add your selections to the report. As you move around in the different categories or search results, the selections you have ticked will remain ticked.

When you're ready to run the report, scroll down to the bottom of the window and press the Build Custom Report button.

Select your Date Range

The report will load for today by default but use the date picker to select the range you're after. Note that the export button sits to the right if you are after a .CSV file.

When your date range is selected your results will display on screen as a graph at the top followed by the raw data below.

Editing your Report

To make small changes to your report press the Edit button and make the changes on the window that appears.

Press the Build Custom Report button at the bottom and you're away!

Saving your Report

Now you have set up your report just the way you like it, there is a way to save it. Simply copy the URL at the top of your browser window and use this URL going forward (we suggest bookmarking it in your browser).

Once you load up the page, you can change the date range as required.

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