Order Reminders on the dashboard

Setting up your suppliers so you are reminded on the dashboard when ordering is due.

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Never miss an order cutoff time again by setting up order reminders on your Bustle dashboard. Once set up, you'll get notified that an order is due on the day.

The order reminders are set up and triggered by your Supplier settings. These are the settings that get your reminders happening.

To see what you have set up and make any adjustments, head to Stock control > Suppliers in your Bustle Hub. Within the Supplier record you can control when Order reminders appear with these three settings...

For the full process on Supplier setup, check out this article...

Once you're all set up, your order reminders will automatically appear on your Dashboard the day they are due.

How to easily order from your suppliers

As long as you have set up a phone number, web address or email on the supplier, simply click the blue link on the supplier name to make a call (if you're viewing the dashboard on your phone), go to the web address or open an email to the supplier.

How to remove the order reminder once complete

Click the tick next to the reminder to complete it . You will have a few seconds to undo this if it was done in error. If you don't get there in time, pop back into your suppliers page to get the information.

When all your orders are done you will get a message with a quick link to the suppliers page should you want to add more order reminders.

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