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Create another menu and switch between them
Create another menu and switch between them

How to create new menus and switch them live when ready.

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Are you working on a new menu in the background or have a special menu you want to put in place for one night only? Not a worry! Let's see how this is done.

Head to the Menu Builder page on your Bustle hub - Setup > Menu Builder.

Your currently active menu that is displaying on the Bustle Till iPad app will load on the page. Press the Menus button at the top left of the page to create a new menu.

On this page your list of menus will appear. The currently active menu will again show as Active. All others will be in Draft. You can only have one menu active at one time.

To Edit a menu, press anywhere on the row to open it up. Or to get started afresh, click the New Menu button.

Enter the name of your menu and press Save Menu

This will open up the menu for editing. Remember to keep saving your changes. When you are ready to make the menu live, press the Use Menu button. This will make it the Active menu, ready to sync on your iPads.

The last step is to sync your iPads. On the Bustle iPad till app, head to Settings > Sync Menu. Don't forget to set up your menu sections for printing orders. This is needed every time you switch menu. Do this in Settings > Printers > Select Printer > Prints Orders from Sections.

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