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Regulr Success Step 3 - Test, Review and Tweak
Regulr Success Step 3 - Test, Review and Tweak

Review your Regulr promotions and tweak your marketing strategy to get the best results.

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If you have made it to here, you now have a great Regulr menu and an awesome strategy on how to keep your regulars coming back for more!


The work is not done - like everything you need to review what works and what doesn't, and tweak the process for the best results!

We understand - your time is limited and valuable. You shouldn't have to spend a huge amount of time reviewing and tweaking but do add it to your end of week admin time. Here are some suggestions on how to quickly review progress...

1. Test

This is the creative (and fun) part of the process. Test out different types of promotions to see what really works financially for your business, and what motivates the purchasing decisions of your regulars.

Here's some promotional ideas that have worked for some of the businesses on Regulr. Apart from the ideas we've already covered, like discounted pricing, upselling with mods and menu tweaks, try out some of these or create your own...

  1. A chocolate coated coffee bean or jersey caramel on the lid of every Regulr coffee ordered - simple but effective.

  2. Sell tickets to an event in your space exclusively on Regulr. It gets Regulr in their pocket and your outlet in their favourites.

  3. Limited time offers - must order a special item on Regulr by <time/date>.

  4. A shout out to your locals for their support, along with a special Regulr deal.

  5. A timely promotion at 3pm for packaged dinners to order, pick up and take home.

Get creative and try out different ideas to find the ones that resonate with your audience - and don't forget to tag us in! @regulrapp / #regulrapp

2. Review

Once your posts are out, review them every week.

  • Note down your promotions and the days/weeks they ran.

  • Look into what types of social media posts / specials are getting you the most traction (review the number of likes and comments).

  • Review your mobile sales week by week - and match them to the promotions you ran.

Did that special hit the right note? Did you get better sales with one type of promotion over another? What really gets your regulars buying?

Example of a customer's successful promotion: Last week we ran a special on Regulr where a muffin mod was added for $2.50 to all coffee items. It was then promoted on Instagram - Any coffee and a muffin for $7.00 (usually $8.50).

The outcome: Almost double the revenue from a similar number of orders.

Doing this kind of review will give you better insight of promotions to spend your time on and an understanding of what promotions simply aren't worth doing.

3. Tweak

Well the results are in. you know what works and you can tweak the promotions a little to keep it fresh. But don't be afraid to keep testing out new and exciting ideas!

And if your creative mind has hit the wall, get inspired by others and don’t give up!! Rome wasn’t built in a day... See what else is happening for those you follow on social media, note what grabs your interest and try something similar. Keep your marketing ideas as fresh as your food and really spend that time to understand what works well and what doesn’t for your business.

Cheeky tip:

Need a little help setting up your digital marketing strategy? Our friends at Hello Mellows have a great set of tools to get your digital strategy on the right path. Check out their toolbox of resources and try them out if you think it would help.

If you have a few more minutes to spare, check out this great interview they did with Michael Khuwattanasenee from Khu Khu Eatery on clarity, problem solving, and customer insight.

Keep at it and the reward will justify the effort! We'd love to hear your success stories.

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