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Regulr - Setting up and editing your Stripe integration
Regulr - Setting up and editing your Stripe integration

How to set up Stripe with your GST and branding for your invoices and check any Stripe Requirements.

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When you set up Stripe initially, it takes you through the basic Stripe account setup but there are a few more areas you can (and should) get set up. The Stripe integrations page is set up to easily allow you to access these areas. Let's take a look.

Click your business name at the top right of your Bustle Hub and select Integrations - then click the Get paid through Regulr button.

Your Business Details

Your business details should be already filled in but check them over and edit if needed.

Setting up your GST/ABN number for invoices

This is not completed by default but is needed as it gets added to invoices sent when a Regulr customer fails to pay after three attempts through the app. You can also send these invoices manually.

To set up your tax number in Stripe for invoices, click the view / edit button or manually head to Stripe and go to...

Settings > Billing > Invoice Template

Scroll down the page to Manage Tax Information and set up your tax number. The number showing here as default will be the one used.

Invoice/Receipt branding - Add a bit of sparkle to your invoice

You can also add a touch of your branding to the emails sent. This is located on the the same page as the tax information - Click the View / Edit button. to access the page or if you are in Stripe already, browse to Settings > Billing > Invoice Template and click Branding Settings near the top.

In the Branding Settings you can get creative and give it your look and feel. Please note that these are global settings so if you use Stripe for payments other than Regulr, that these changes will also apply to them.

Stripe Payout Status and Account Requirements

These widgets will display the details of any requirements that have not yet been met in Stripe and link you through to Stripe so you can fix them up. IT's best to contact Stripe support if you have any questions about these.

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