BNZ Payclip - Initial Setup

How to set up the BNZ PayClip in Bustle so bill totals are sent automatically to the terminal

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Before we start here's some things to note

Will I need to make changes to my router or network?

Please Note: The PayClip currently needs a Wi-Fi signal from a router & doesn't work using bluetooth like the old version. Please reach out to BNZ if you need to discuss your hardware/network requirements.

We highly recommend having a dedicated network and a router with a strong signal, solely for Bustle and the BNZ PayClip device. Other devices (from phones to streaming cameras) joining your network can cause communication issues.

Can any BNZ payClip work with Bustle?

Your BNZ payClip will need to be on version 3.20.2 to work with Bustle. When you talk to the team at BNZ, be sure to mention that you are looking to integrate with Bustle and need this particular version.

Getting Set Up

1. Set up the BNZ PayClip terminal to talk to Bustle

First of all, you will need to have your BNZ PayClip set up and ready to take payments. Here are the instructions from BNZ.

Once you’re sorted with the above, then there’s just a few steps to get your transactions to come through automatically

2. Set up a static IP address for your PayClip and note your IP address

Follow this process to ensure the best stability for your BNZ PayClip & Bustle.

3. Select your eftpos supplier on your Bustle hub

Select your provider in Setup > iPad Setup on your Bustle hub.

Here you will see the Eftpos Integration selector. Click inside the button where it says None then select your provider. - BNZ PayClip

Click Save then make sure you press sync menu in Bustle app on your iPad as detailed in step 4 below...

4. Sync iPad and connect

  1. In the Bustle iPad till app go to: Settings > Press Sync Menu.

  2. After syncing is finished, fully close and restart the Bustle iPad till app (press the iPad’s home button twice, and swipe up on Bustle to close).

  3. Open the Bustle iPad till app again, then: Settings > Eftpos > Connect

  4. Locate the IP address from your PayClip and enter that IP address into the field at the top called Terminal IP Address, replacing any default digits.

posBoss Eftpos Settings - enter Verifone Terminal IP

5. Press the Continue button and if all is set up correctly, you will receive a success message. Close out of the window and you should be good to go. Try a card payment on Bustle as a test and the BNZ PayClip should come to life, awaiting the tap.

How to Disconnect the BNZ PayClip or run a settlement enquiry?

Check out our Admin functions article below...

Having trouble setting up?

If you are unable to get Bustle and the BNZ Payclip to work, try these troubleshooting steps.

  • If you need help with the steps to get the Payclip working, BNZ have a dedicated Payclip technical team available 24/7 on 0800 729 254.

  • If you are unable to connect, and getting an error after setting up, double check with the Payclip team that you are on version 3.20.2 (as this exact version is needed to connect to Bustle)

  • If you have swapped from another terminal to the Payclip in Bustle, or have tries setting up a terminal with an incorrect Payclip version, it's best to try a Delete and reinstall of Bustle before connecting again.

  • Still no luck? Get in touch with out support team via the support messenger on your Bustle hub.

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