This can occur when Regulr has tried to charge the card on the account 3 times but has not been successful. This can happen if the customer tries to hit Pay Now on the app or as part of the automatic Sunday processing.

In short:

  • The payment moves off posBoss and into Stripe for payment recovery

  • posBoss marks the customer as Failed to pay and suspends the account from ordering.

  • An invoice is created in Stripe and sent to the customer on the email address they signed up to Regulr with.

  • Once the invoice is paid, the suspension is lifted and the customer can replace their card on the app.

Here is the full failed payments process to refer to:

How do I cancel the invoice when a customer has paid in-store?

Select the customer's mobile account on the management site to view the Invoice sent. Make sure to press the Show Settled Accounts button before you search.

Once you've located the account, open it up. Under the previously settled section you will see the link. Click on View Invoice to see the Status.

Here it will show you when it has been paid here. It also shows the due date and has a link to the invoice in Stripe.

Click View in Stripe to manage the invoice. You will need to log into Stripe using the credentials you created when you signed up in the Regulr setup process.

Once the invoice is open, Select the More actions button. Here you can issue a credit note. Once the account is back to a $0 balance, the customer will be able to order again.

How do you refund in Stripe if the customer has been charged incorrectly?

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