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How do I create separate GST Tax invoices from a tab?
How do I create separate GST Tax invoices from a tab?

How to split payments by item to get individual tax receipts.

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When your customers want to split a tab and receive their own itemised individual tax invoice, you can do this in Bustle using the following method.

Please note: This will only work for itemised payments (pay by item) and not for splitting bills by paying a partial amount. In these cases, Bustle will print individual receipts that display the full list of items and the payment taken, but will only print one Tax invoice for the entire tab.

Let's take a look at how to split up the bill for itemised tax invoices

This is done on the tab or table before you go to the pay screen by using the Move function. The basis process is to

  1. Open the tab and select the Move tab function.

  2. Select the items & move them to the separate tab.

  3. Pay off the new tab and print the tax invoice.

Here's some videos on the move process for tabs and tables...

Or for a step by step guide with pics, let's take a look below.

Press Tabs on the iPad main screen, then select the tab you want to split out.

Press the circular button on the tab then select Move + Confirm

Select the + button to create a new tab, then name it something simple, like 1.

Press the items the customer wants to pay for on the left to move them to the new tab, then press Done.

Close the original tab and press tabs again to locate the new tab. Pay it using cash or card as normal and print off the receipt or tax invoice for an itemised GST receipt.


For tables it is essentially the same process. You can split out the bill to a free table on your layout or you can split out the table onto a tab by pressing the List button after you have selected Move.

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