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Multiple sites - Change my current Bustle logins to one master email address
Multiple sites - Change my current Bustle logins to one master email address

Use one email address across a number of sites in Bustle

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You can now use one email address across multiple sites in Bustle. Here's the process to swap over your old address to your single login email.

Step 1 - Log in to your Bustle Hub

Decide which email address you will use as the master email address, then log into your Bustle Hub that uses an email address that you want to change. (No need to log into the one that is already correct).

Step 2 - Invite the master email address to your venue.

In this example we are trying to change my venues over to the master email address

  • I log into my account I am set up as the boss for.

  • I select the settings cog and press Company Settings

  • Select Site Logins.

You will see your current email login you want to change.

  • Press Invite Someone to your Venue

  • Fill out the details, entering your name and email address as well as selecting the role.

  • Press Invite Now

Step 3 - Review and Accept

  • You will receive an email invite in your inbox. Open it and press Respond to invite

You will be whisked to a web page asking you to confirm your details.

  • Enter your password (or a new one) and press Accept. Please note - if you change your password here it will change for all sites you have an account with.

From here you will be taken to your Bustle Hub for that venue.

Step 4 - Delete old Boss account

For best security practice, please go ahead and delete your old boss login, again under Company Settings > Site Logins. Select the old Boss login and press Delete.

Success! Now you have multiple logins on the same email. Click the venue name at the top right to expand your sites and simply click on each venue to view and switch between your Bustle Hubs.

Please note:

If you have multiple sites under your Boss login email, the tills across all your venues will appear in the list that appears after login, prefaced by the venue name. Be careful when selecting your till as you can kick another venue's till out by selecting the incorrect one.

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