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How to get your live posBoss menu online in as little as 10 mins.

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Set up your Online Menu in under 10 minutes!

Without a digital menu for your hospitality business, you could be missing out on customers. Research shows that up to 85% of potential customers check out your online presence before visiting. We created posBoss Online Menus to take the guesswork out of how up to date your menu is - because when you make a change to your posBoss menu, it automatically updates online!

Want to see the video of how easy it is to get your menu live (3 minute view time)?

Here's the step by step instructions

To get your menu ready to go live, head to Setup > Online Menu Setup on the management site.

Step 1 - Build your Branding (2 mins)

Your Venue's Branding is where you can set up your menu to represent your venue's look and feel. It's as fun and easy as making a few selections on the left of the page and previewing the look on the right. You'll have a great look in only a couple of minutes.

Then make your menu shine by uploading your company logo and a hero pic. On the Menu Preview and Setup screen, hover over the image locations and click to upload.

Step 2 - Wording and Pricing Display (5-10 mins)

If you thought branding was fun, you're going to love the next step!

Please note: If you are adding item descriptions, or hiding an item from your online menu, this is done within the item itself. Pop into the item from the Item Editor page and use these fields under the Basics tab.

Part 1: Menu Section Location and visibility

Menu sections are displayed by default when setting up for the first time and will appear in the order you set them up on your iPad menu.

To change the location of a section or hide it from the online menu, simply press the Order and Hide Sections button at the top of the preview screen.

On this page you can drag and drop sections into place or click the hide button to remove it from your online menu. Click show to re-add - easy as!

Part 2: Headers and Footers

Updating Section headers and footers is optional and is done "in place" on the Menu preview. Click to add the section blurb or footer and add some tantalising words.

Part 3: Pricing Display

On each section you can select how to display prices. For a lot of items you'll only want to display the one price, but we have some options depending on how you have set up mods.

Press Change Pricing Display under the Section name on the menu preview.

Read through each of the selections, then press to select how to best display your prices on the menu section, and press Save.

Here's an example of using Mods pricing for coffee. In each coffee we have sizes of Small / Med / Lge each with a different price point. Selecting Mods pricing allows us to display all three prices - and we've added a footer note to explain them.

For more on pricing, see the full article here.

Step 3 - Venue Information (2 mins)

Head to Setup > Receipt Settings on the management site and make sure your information is complete. Scroll down to the social and venue fields at the bottom and set up your social media and venue opening hours for your online menu.

Your menu is now ready to go live!!

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Optional Extras - Promotions

You can add up to three promotions to the top of your menu using Promotions on the item itself (head to Setup > Item Editor and select your item - click the Promotions tab).

Select up to three items to promote and they will appear on your menu. Should you need to manage the promotions (switch off and on) you can do this by deactivating the promotion from within the item, or by heading to the SOGUI Promotions page.

Really sell your brand by adding in some amazing pics of your best dishes, treats or beverages and really get that menu singing your brand to potential customers...

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