Displaying pricing on your SOGUI menu can be a simple matter, or a little more complex if you're using required mods for your pricing. Let's take a look at the options for displaying pricing and the scenarios they would be used in.

Pricing is a setting on each menu section. In SOGUI Menus > Menu Setup, select a section and press the edit button.

Let's look at the pricing options.

Simple Pricing

This option is for straightforward items with one sales price. An example of this would be a Flat White for $4.50. You might have extras like Soy milk costing 50c but you can cover this in one of the header or footer fields.

Mods Pricing

This pricing option allows you to add up to three prices for one item, using the first three prices in your first required mod group. Let's look at an item this works for. Below we have set up a Thickshake for $6. It has three size options in the first required mod group. Regular is the default mod and is set to $0.00 so it uses the Item price of $6. The Small mod removes a dollar and Large adds $2. We also have another mod group for flavour.

MODS pricing takes the first three mods in the first required mod group on your item, and applies them to the price of the base item to display on the menu.

You can also add a note about the price in the Section Description, Footer, or Item Short Description.

How Mods pricing for this item displays on SOGUI Menus

Default Mods Pricing

Selecting default mods pricing means that the price you want displayed is the sales price of the item plus the sum of the default required mods in the first three required mod groups. Up to three prices can be displayed.

This option is here to catch those items with more of a complex setup. Let's look at a couple of scenarios where this might be used.

Simple scenario

Let's say you have an item like Eggs on Toast. You offer a selection of breads with different costs and have them set up as default mods.

In this scenario, the cost of the eggs is $10, the default mod (sourdough) is $1, so the price on the SOGUI menu would show as $11. You could then add a note to the item or section that there are different bread choices available.

How default mods pricing (simple scenario) displays on SOGUI Menus

A more complex scenario

Another way you could use the Default mods pricing would be in a combo item. Let's say you had a chicken burger combo.

The price of the item is $15, which covers the burger, but the customers select from a small range of sides. In the case below, the SOGUI menu would show the item price as $20 as it takes the base price for the burger, then adds the price of the default mods - $4 for fries and $1 for the can of fizz.

Note: It will only add up to three default mod prices.

Again, you can add a note on the Item or section header/footer to help describe further options.

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