Let's get your Sogui menu live!

Ready to get that menu out in front of hungry eyes? Great!

Once you've reviewed your menu in the preview screens and you're happy it's all looking good - go ahead and hit that Make Menu Live button.

A couple of notes about going live

  1. No one will see your menu yet - until you share it or set up a promotion in SOGUI Promote (which links back to your full menu).

  2. Changes to items - additions, deletions, price changes, positioning on menu - will all update automatically on the SOGUI Menu.

  3. New Sections will be switched off by default, giving you time to set everything up and enter your descriptions etc.

Congratulations, you're live!!

The first thing you should do is grab your phone test out all your menu links on the SOGUI Live Links and QR Code page

Once you go live, the screen shown below will appear.

Your QR Code

Use your phone camera or any QR scanner app to scan the QR code that appears. This links to your live SOGUI menu and will be what your customers see - so do another review and make sure everything is displaying correctly.

Want to learn more about QR codes? This short video could be quite helpful.

Your Direct Link

You'll also get a direct link to your menu. This link is best used to add to your social media profiles or anywhere online where you can't display the QR code.

Your Website Links/Embedding

There are also some instructions on how to display the menu in full on your website - this is where it can get a little trickier and you may need a website guru to help. Click the Add Sogui Menu to your website button to display the instructions.

Want to share your link on Google?

It's really simple to get people directly onto your SOGUI menu when they google you. Click below for the four easy steps.

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