SOGUI is your live digital menu. It provides two special ways of delivering your live posBoss menu online in a customer friendly format - Menus and Promotions.

It's free to get your menu in front of millions of hungry eyes and you can set it up now on your management site!

Get Your Live posBoss Menu Online

Using Menus in SOGUI, you can quickly set up your company branding, decide what menu sections and items you want to display and add in some creative item descriptions.

Once you go live, we provide you with a direct link to your menu, QR codes you can use on your tables and guidance on how to get the menu displaying live on your website.

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Promote Your Top 3 Menu Items

Now that you have your menu online for customers to see, how about getting some of your most delicious dishes promoted on our food & beverage dating website, SOGUI (think tinder but for F&B)

SOGUI allows people in your area to discover delicious food and beverages and decide where they want to eat. You most likely have some great photos of your most delicious treats, so why not spend a couple of minutes promoting up to 3 of your top items...

Please note: The SOGUI website is currently in soft launch, meaning it has not yet been marketed to the public.

Real-time customer engagement report

Once you're live with the promotion, you receive up-to-the-minute stats on how the promotion is tracking. Learn what works and keep promoting those delicious dishes. It really couldn't be easier

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