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SOGUI Promote - Managing promotions and tracking progress
SOGUI Promote - Managing promotions and tracking progress

How do I manage my SOGUI promotions and view the traction they are getting.

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I have promoted my best menu items in SOGUI, what's next?

Great! There are a few things you can now do on the SOGUI Promote page

  • Follow the reach and engagement of your current promotions

  • Make changes to a promotion

  • Deactivate and reactivate a promotion

Reach and engagement of your promotions

At the top of the SOGUI Promote page, we have a couple of reports showing you how your promotions are tracking.

People Reached with SOGUI

On the left, you will see the number of people that have seen your promotions based on their filter selection. You will also see the number of Likes - when the green SOGUI face is clicked by a user, your venue is added to their Liked Items list.

Customer Engagement

On the right, the graph displays:

  • Total Likes (users clicking the green SOGUI face)

  • Total Skipped (users clicking the orange SOGUI face)

Activating and deactivating promotions

On the same page, you can view your active promotions and previous promotions (greyed out and at the bottom). There is also a link to the SOGUI website at the top.

You can have three promotions running at any one time. Click on the promotion picture to edit the promotion. There is an Activate, Deactivate or Reactivate button at the top right of the edit screen (depending on the state of the promotion).

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