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Managing old or discount vouchers
Managing old or discount vouchers

How to transfer vouchers from another system or vouchers sold elsewhere into Bustle + dealing with discount vouchers

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There are three main scenarios to input pre-paid vouchers into Bustle which includes using one of the three features: Vouchers, Accounts, or Discount/Hospo

Vouchers bought and paid on site:

Head to this article to follow instructions on how to take money for prepaid vouchers through Bustle.

Vouchers bought and paid elsewhere:

Follow this if you are transferring vouchers from an old system into Bustle, or you've sold vouchers somewhere else and not taken payment on site via Bustle.

The Vouchers functionality in Bustle needs to have a cash or card payment loaded at the time of creation, so in this scenario you'll need to use the Accounts feature to manage the voucher paid for outside of Bustle.

Set up an account and assign the value of your vouchers to the account as the "account limit" and save the account.

When the customer redeems the voucher

Assign up to the value of the voucher's Limit $ to the account (be careful not to assign more than the limit here - you will get a warning if you do). Once you have assigned the amount, pay off any leftover amounts on the bill by the normal payment methods.

Settle and archive the account

Once the voucher has been redeemed you need to settle the account. To do this, head back in to Settings > Accounts & Vouchers and select the account. Pay the account and use the payment type called Clear Balance. This removes the money side of things from Bustle - as you have already accepted the money in another system - but the menu items ordered are still recorded in your stock reports.
Once the account has a balance of $0.00, you can then archive it.

Applying a discount voucher:

The main question is: to track or not to track?

1. Discount or Hospo

If you don't need to track the specific discount vouchers, use either the Discount function or make a partial payment to Hospo for the voucher amount when you are in the payment screen.

2. Accounts

If you want to track your discount vouchers, set up an account and assign the value of your discount vouchers to the account at payment.

When you want to settle the account, you can use the payment type called "Clear Balance / To Invoice" and settle it and remove the $$$ owed from the system or alternatively, you could give the account a 100% discount. We recommend settling the account on a regular basis. You can print off an account summary before settling, if needed.

**A note on the difference between Vouchers and Accounts

When you are looking to give out a 'voucher' ie: a value to spend at your venue without taking payment this is best setup as Account in Bustle as it is Debit to your business.
In Accounts you can set a limit & choose to pay it off using the payment type Clear Balance which means you plan to deal with the financial aspect in your own way.

Vouchers in Bustle are designed for taking money from a customer to give credit. This has been kept separate so that you are able to easily track the financial credit you are holding for customers.


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