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The Did I Make Money Tool
The Did I Make Money Tool

What is the Bustle Did I Make Money Tool and how do I use it?

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The Bustle Did I Make Money Tool helps to answer the question "Did I make enough money last week to cover what I plan to purchase in the coming week/s?" by estimating your profit over a selected time period.

The tool calculates the revenue made through Bustle, lets you enter in your expenses and any additional revenue, and tells you what profit or loss was made over the time period.

In this guide, we will cover:

What are the three main components of the Did I Make Money Tool?

  1. Set up Your Accounts - this is where you can create and edit accounts to be included in your report

  2. Revenue and Expense Entry - this is where you enter the amount for each account you've set up

  3. Did I Make Money Report - this is where you view the estimated profit or loss over a time period, based on your entries

More on each below..

Where do I find the Did I Make Money Tool

The Did I Make Money Tool is located under the reports menu on your Bustle Hub.

If it's your first time here, hit that Get Started button!

Set up your revenue and expense Accounts

You will initially land on the Revenue and Expense Entry page. This is where you enter the numbers that make up the report. There are some default accounts already added, but for now let's press that button up the top right of the page and Set Up Your Accounts!

Here you can Edit the default Accounts and add any new ones you need.

What we're doing on this page is naming the accounts so you can enter in all your expenses and revenue streams. Press Edit or New and simply fill in the name and Submit.

When finished, press the Done button to head back and start entering your numbers.

Entering your revenue and expenses

The Revenue and Expense entry page defaults to displaying the current week but you can add in entries for larger date ranges. This can be done by changing the date range in the selector at the top of the page. Notice in the below pic that the entries are now set to a yearly date range.

You can also change the date range (prior to saving the row) by selecting the calendar button to the left of the specific row you are looking to enter numbers for.

To add more entries, simply press the + Add Row button and select the account you are after - then add in your numbers.

Enter in your revenue or expense in the Amount field. If you have a GST incl. amount then click on the excl. GST button to change it.

Please note that the Did I Make Money report that you generate is always displayed excl. GST so the amount $ in period will always convert it to excl GST.

Viewing the Did I Make Money Estimate Report

Once you have entered in all of your expenses and revenue streams outside of what you make through Bustle, you can view the report.

By default, this report from the last week will appear when you enter the Did I Make Money Tool page but if you are on the Revenue and Expense entry page, press the View Report button.

Keen to see it in action? Take the tour...

Important: This report is an estimate and will only be as accurate as the information you enter into it.

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