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SOGUI - How does the SOGUI F&B Dating website work?

How will my promotions appear on SOGUI?

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SOGUI is currently in soft Launch

This means that any promotions you create will appear on the website but we have not yet started to market the site to the general public. Full launch TBC.

How does the SOGUI website work?

Hungry and thirsty members of the public can head to the SOGUI website on their device - and will get presented with the landing page...

To start discovering your amazing F&B promotions they press Discover Delicious, which takes them to the Cravings page. Here they select from the list, guided by what they crave at the time, or they can press I'm Not Sure to get the lot!

The next page gives them a few more options to filter their results:

  • Location (done by sharing their location or manually entering an address)

  • Price range

  • Dietary requirements

Once completed, the Discover Delicious button will show them all the promotions available with those filters.

From here, they can see delicious food and beverage options from their local area (or from the address they have entered). Pressing the green SOGUI face adds that item to their Liked Items list while pressing the orange SOGUI face moves them to the next promotion.

Once they reach the end of their results, they can choose from their Liked Items or "go again" and change the filters.

They can view their Liked Items list anytime by pressing the heart at the top right of the screen.

Selecting one of the Liked Items will take them to the promotion page which will display the venue's information, location pin, a share button, and a link to the venue's full Online Menu.

The Online menu will then open in a new browser window.

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