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Processing a payment with Bustle and Square.

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Once you're successfully set up with Square and Bustle, you're ready to take payments.

To send a payment through to the Square Reader, press Card as the payment type in Bustle when paying an order, tab or account.

 You will next be taken through to the Square app to process the payment.

Depending on your setup in Square, you may have different screens here such as a Tip screen. Go through the Square process here then tap or insert the card to process the payment )or use the swipe reader for cards without a chip). If a pin is required, a pin pad will appear on the iPad for the customer to use. Here's more on the payment taking process from Square:

Once the payment is complete, press the New Sale button at the top left and the Square app will quickly close and take you back to Bustle, which completes the transaction as normal.

Please note: Whilst there is an option to split payments in the Square app, please only use the split payment functionality in Bustle, to ensure reporting and any refunding is correct.

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