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Square - Process a refund

How to process a refund with Bustle and Square.

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Processing a refund with Square is the same process as for Bustle.

  • Head to Settings > History in the Bustle iPad till app and press Transactions.

  • Locate your transaction and press it to select. Be careful and make sure you are selecting the correct transaction as it will process immediately after you select the card button later in this process.

  • Press the Refund button.

  • Select a refund reason or type in a different reason and press confirm.

  • Select the items you wish to refund and press the Card button.

  • The Square refund window will briefly appear and the refund will process.

Please note: Although you are able to refund within the Square app itself, please only refund through the Bustle Till iPad app using the process above to ensure your financial information is correct.

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