In posBoss version 5.0 we have rewritten the entire app in the latest and greatest code. This was a step we needed to take to update areas of the app much quicker going forward. As this is a huge change to the app we highly recommend you read this and take the following steps.

Make sure your iPads are still compatible with posBoss (very important).

iPads running posBoss need to be able to run Apple's iOS 12 at a minimum to be supported. For anything older, we will do our best to support you but are very limited in what we can offer. Check out what iPads work with posBoss here.

Having an old iPad in your mix of iPads is not recommended or supported and can cause issues on your system. Please remove and/or replace any old iPads ASAP. They will not be able to update to posBoss version 5.0

Turn off Auto updates and wait until all iPads are ready to go

We recommend turning off auto updates and picking a time outside service hours to update all your iPads to posBoss version 5.0 when all of them have the update ready.

We do a phased release of posBoss apps, meaning that some iPads may receive the app update in the App store before others. Turning off auto updates will allow you to hold off updating until all iPads can see the update.

How to force the update to appear in the app store

If one of the iPads updates automatically and the posBoss Version 5.0 update is not appearing yet in the App Store on another iPad - there is a trick to get it to appear. Search for posBoss in the App store and press on it to open up the full posBoss app page. Refresh the page by pulling downward - it might take a few times refreshing the page to get the update to appear but it will pop up at some point. Any issues, try closing and restarting the app store, and turning the iPad off and on.

How to update posBoss to Version 5.0

Once all of your iPads are showing the update for posBoss in the app store you are good to go! We recommend cashing up all your iPads and running the updates after service so if there are any issues we can help solve them with you while you have the time to do so.

Updating the posBoss app is as easy as updating any app on your phone or iPad. Simply head to the Apple App store...

The App Store

and locate the update (how this appears may differ depending on the age of the iPad).

Locate posBoss by viewing the available updates, or search for us and press the Update or Download button.

When the upgrade is running you may see the screen below. It should only take 30-60 seconds to complete.

If it has taken longer than 3 minutes, please follow the process below to fully delete and reinstall posBoss to get things back on track.

After the process has been completed successfully, posBoss will open. If there are any further actions required, you will see an exclamation mark displayed on the device status icon.

posBoss Device Status Icon

Tap on the icon for further information and follow the instructions to ensure all the new features have been properly installed - usually it's only a menu sync that's needed.

For those with automatic app updates still switched on (not recommended):

posBoss will install in the background at some point over the next week. If you do have any issues (kicked out to the login screen or unable to log in) please follow the delete and reinstall process in the button below and you should be fixed right up.

Whoops, we have an issue after the release. What do I do?

To manually upgrade or If you do have any problems, a full delete and reinstall of posBoss should sort you out and only take a couple of minutes. Please note you will need your posBoss email and password as well as any Eftpos connection information (as this will need to be connected again).

If issues continue, please get in touch with support straight away and we’ll be right with you to get you working again.

Here’s how to delete and reinstall posBoss:

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