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How can I make my menu stand out when customers google my business?

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Customers nowadays tend to google your business before landing on your social accounts, so it helps to check that the information on your Google Business Profile is up to date.

This article will take you through the four easy steps to linking your online menu with your Google Business Profile.

A note:

If you've manually added menu items onto your Google Business Profile, it might be worth removing to avoid manual changes (we all know how frustrating that can be!)

Step 1 - Copy Link

Once you've gone live, copy the direct link to your Online Menu from the Setup > Bustle Online page. Press Get Seen under Make Your menu discoverable

And copy your menu link

e.g. our example site, Basbousa's live menu link:

Step 2 - Edit business information

When you google your business, you should see options to manage the profile and make changes. Click on Edit your business information.

Note: you may need to be logged in to your Gmail account to do this.

Step 3 - Update your menu link

Under Business Information > Contact, you'll see an option to edit your Menu link. Here is where you'll want to paste your Online Menu link.

Now your customers can view your live Online Menu as soon as they see your business on Google!

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