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How do I record hospo / complimentary orders?
How do I record hospo / complimentary orders?

How to record an order or item as hospo or complimentary (giving items away for free)

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You can record "hospo" or "comps" in the Bustle iPad till app and then view the value and item breakdown in the cash up and reports on your Bustle hub.

How to record hospo orders

There are two ways to assign items to Hospo.

1. On the main Bustle screen, add items to a new order, then swipe left twice on the Pay button and press Hospo. You can then print orders and receipts based on your usual printer settings. Items entered in this way display itemised on the reports.

2. On the Bustle Payment screen, you can also select items and partial payments and assign them to Hospo.

On this screen, as we have allowed for partial payments or the remainder of the bill to be assigned to Hospo, we're unable to tell what items in the bill are being Hospo'd, so we call them Unassigned Transactions in the Sales and Hospo Wastage Refunds report.

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