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Get set up for the soft launch of Bustle Online (QR) ordering

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Let's go through the 4 easy steps to get set up and taking orders and payments online!

Step 1 - Get your amazing menu looking great online

We have made a few changes to the menu page. The menu editor now has a new toggle to switch between the iPad menu and your Online one.

More on how to make your online menu shine in this article:

Step 2 - Get your Bustle Pay account setup

You will need to sign up your venue to a Bustle Pay account so we can send you the money made through online orders. It's a quick process that's completed on your Bustle Hub, but make sure you have your bank account details, Business/ABN Number and some ID ready.

Head to Setup > Bustle Online

Press Get Paid Your Way under TablePay & Bustle Pay

Press Set up Bustle Pay now

This will take you through the guided process to get your Bustle Pay account set up so we can start sending you the $$$ for your online sales.

Step 3 - Set up Bustle online to suit your needs

The last step on your Bustle Hub is to select your Bustle Online features.

There are 4 selections under our two main features. Let's break them down...

Online Ordering

By switching the online ordering toggles on you go from having an online menu to an online ordering system that takes payment and sends orders to your printers. Either allow simple ordering, needing only a name (ideal for takeaways), or switch on table service so your pre-defined tabs or tables appear and can be selected for dine in.


By switching these toggles on, your staff can offer an online tab to your seated customers, by printing out a QR code and handing it to them. They can pay via this code or pay as usual at the counter, or a combination of both. You can also decide whether you want your staff to manage all further orders, or if you want to allow them to order from your online menu and add to their tab (without a credit card added)

Step 4 - Select iPad and set up your printer settings

Now you're all set up on your Bustle Hub you're nearly there!

Select and save the iPad that will manage the incoming orders / printing

Sync the menu on the iPad you selected above

Firstly (Important) make sure your iPads are running the latest version of Bustle.

Once updated, or if you're on the latest, then Sync the menu!

Select your printer settings

Printing dockets works based on your current setup. Make sure that any menu section that displays the items you set up on your online menu are set up on your Bustle iPad app to print orders. Then they will print exactly the same as if your team was entering in the order on the Bustle app.

Settings on the iPad app:

Head to Settings > Printers and select your first printer in the list (this is only needed on the first printer). The QR printer settings are near the bottom...

  • Prints Table Pay QR Docket - If you have TablePay switched on, this allows you to print off the QR code to give to your customers to view and pay their bill.

  • Prints Table Payment Confirmation - Prints for both Online ordering and TablePay tabs. When an order is paid, a small slip prints to tell your team an order has been received and paid, or a customer has paid their TablePay tab bill.

  • Prints Table Pay Receipt - Automatically prints a receipt for the customer after an online order is received or a TablePay tab bill is paid.

Have some questions?

Take a look at our FAQ's first, and get in touch with the support team via the messenger on your Bustle Hub if you need any further clarification.

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