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All you need to know about online ordering and payments with posBoss Online

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Can it work on any iPad?

To get posBoss Online working and printing QR codes your iPad will need to be running Apple's operating system iOS 13 or above.

Do I need an internet connection?

Yes, you will need an internet connection as the QR codes are created on the posBoss servers, as well as needing the connection to pick up when the customer has paid their bill online, triggering posBoss to properly close the table as paid.

Can I use the same payment account as I do for Regulr?

You can use the same email address to sign up the posBoss Pay account but although we do use Stripe as our payment provider, it is a different type of account to the one used for Regulr, so you will still need to provide your business details and ID.

Can I set it up so all customers pay at the time of ordering?

Yes - We have a number of options available to you in our settings. You can set it up so customers:

  1. Order and pay (at the time of ordering) with just a name.

  2. Order and pay (at the time of ordering) with name and table number (from your table layout or pre-defined tabs)

  3. Receive a tab with a QR code for payment at the end of service (staff take orders)

  4. Receive a tab with a QR code that allows further online ordering, and payment at the end of service

Can a table split the bill and make multiple payments using TablePay?

At this point we can only have one payment per QR code. However, there are a couple of options here. You can move items across to a new table on your layout and print a new QR code & the items will be removed from the original table. You are also able to make partial cash or card payments for the table at the till, and have a customer pay the remainder on posBoss Pay. Let us know if split bills on the one QR code is a feature you'd like to see!

Can I do a refund through posBoss Online?

On the odd occasion you may need to refund a customer that has paid through posBoss Online. You have two options here - the fastest way would be to refund the customer in posBoss to cash.

Should the customer want the refund to the card or the amount is too large for cash, you can log a refund request with us via the support messenger by advising:

  • The name on the card.

  • The last 4 Digits of the card

  • The amount and time the bill paid

We will do our best to get the refund processed within 24 hours and the refunds can take from 5-10 days between the banks.

What are the charges/fees for using posBoss Online?

There are no posBoss subscription fees for setup or using posBoss Online - you pay only when it is used, and only when customers pay online.

Online payments (otherwise known as CNP - card not present transactions) do incur a handling fee that is likely a little higher than your terminal. The charges are 4.9% on each transaction. For transactions under $20 the fee is reduced to 2.9% + 30 cents.

How long does it take to get paid?

The first payment will take around 7-14 days to make it to your bank. This delay allows us (through our payment provider, Stripe) to mitigate some of the risks inherent in providing credit services. Once the first payment comes through you can expect to be paid within a few days of every transaction. You will be able to view the upcoming payouts on your posBoss management site.

How do I police/manage tables to ensure they have paid?

In essence, posBoss Online and TablePay don't make huge changes to your processes. Without TablePay you still have to have someone (head waitperson/cashier) monitor tables to make sure they pay. With TablePay, as soon as the bill has been processed, a small payment confirmation ticket prints from your selected printer and the table clears on the iPad as paid, informing your team/cashier that the bill is settled.

Can I hide certain Items or modifications from the online menu?

You sure can! Check out how in this article

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