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Bustle Online - Add Images, descriptions and promotions to your online menu
Bustle Online - Add Images, descriptions and promotions to your online menu

How to jazz up your online menu with item images, item descriptions and promotions

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Jazz up your menu and get feet through the door! Let's take a look at how images and promotions work in your online menu.

Adding images to items and menu sections

Here's a quick look at a demo menu with no images. Functional, but rather plain...

Let's start making it shine!

When we add our first image to an item, this will become the image used on the menu section - so If I add an image of a Lemon Meringue Pie it will appear on the item as well as in the Desserts section. Once we have added all our images in place, it will use the image from the first item in the section.

To upload an image on an item

Head to the Item editor, locate the item and open it. Scroll down until you see Image for Promotion and select the image from your computer. The image should be square in shape and less than 5mb in size.

A successful upload will display the image in the online menu preview

On your online menu the image appears on the item, and the menu section.

Once we have added all our images in, it starts to take shape - and the menu is now using the Chocolate Gateaux image for the Desserts section image.

Pressing on the item on the menu also displays the image.

Adding Descriptions to Items

You may have done this already when setting up your items, but if not, these details can really uplift and fill-out your online menu.

This is also done within the Item editor in the Basics tab. Enter in your description and view how it will look on the preview. You also decide if the item appears on the menu or not using the toggle below the description.

Adding promotions to your menu

When you really want a menu item to stand out and grab attention - use a promotion! This is also done within the Item editor.

Open up the item and scroll to Promotions

Press Start Promoting

The image you have already loaded for the item will appear. You can also select up to 3 cravings that the item satisfies, and enter in a blurb for your promotion. Once done, press Activate.

Once your promotions are set up they will appear as Favourites on your menu and can be viewed, or ordered if you are set up to take orders and payment.

That's the basics - give it a go!

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