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Bustle Online - How Simple ordering and payment works

How does the process work when someone uses simple ordering and payment with Bustle online?

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Simple Ordering and Payment.

Does any of the following sound familiar?

  • I have busy times where the counter has lines of people.

  • The order and payment process is slow as there is a bottleneck at the counter

Simple ordering and payment can help! Simply provide the link or QR code to your menu and watch those orders fly in!

Here's how Simple ordering works

Ordering and payment

Your customer browses your menu from your link or QR code

Customers add items to their order, enter their name and press Pay Now

They're whisked away to the payment screen, where they can pay by Apple, Link or Google pay, or add in their card details and save it to their email address for ease of payment next time.

Once ordered, customers will receive a confirmation and order number


Now that the order has been placed an paid for, a number of items print out on your printer/s or Paperless.

You can switch these on or off in your printer settings

  1. The order prints as per your usual order setup for these items. The tab will display the person's name as entered on the online order

  2. A paid in full slip prints - to advise the person on the main receiving till that an order has arrived and been paid.

  3. An automatic receipt can print with your usual receipt setup.

And from here it's business as usual - the items are made and served. Should the customer want to order again they can do so and pay in the same manner.

Keen to set up QR ordering and payment with Bustle Online? Let's get started!

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