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Bustle Online - How tablePay tabs with online ordering works
Bustle Online - How tablePay tabs with online ordering works

How does the process work when your venue uses tablePay tabs for payment & ordering with Bustle online?

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TablePay Tabs with Online Ordering.

Does any of the following sound familiar?

  • I am struggling to find enough staff for my service style.

  • I could be using my current staff more efficiently.

  • I can't predict my customer levels post covid - they're all over the place!

  • The order and payment process is slow as there is a bottleneck at the counter.

  • Seated customers are trying to pay, while takeaway customers are trying to order.

  • I have busy periods where it would be great to have something to alleviate the rush.

  • Customers aren't ordering that second round like they used to.

TablePay Tabs with online ordering can help with this! Simply print off your unique table QR code and give it to the customer. You decide who can start a tab. Customers can order more from your online menu and, at the end of service, pay the balance off via the QR code, the counter, or a combination of both.

Here's how TablePay with Online Ordering works

Starting a Tab

With TablePay tabs + online ordering, you are in charge of who gets a tab. Once your customer is seated and you have opened their table or pre-defined tab, you can then take their first order or simply print off their unique QR code (or display it to them from the iPad).

For Pre-defined tabs, open a tab from your tabs menu, for table layout, open a table and save it:

Pre defined tabs, or Table Layout

After you have saved it or added the first order, re-open the tab on screen and select Table Pay Docket from the settings drop down.

The screen will display the QR code and give an option to print it (as long as you have a printer set up). You can either show this to the customer and get them to scan...

Or print off the QR docket and drop it off at their table.

Further ordering and payment

Once scanned, the customer will see their order and can pay at any time by pressing Pay Now. With the Allow Ordering toggle switched on in your settings, they can also order more items from your online menu - by pressing the Add More Items button and browsing the menu.

Note: Customers are not charged for these orders at the time, nor a credit card taken. You still have the responsibility of ensuring payment is made at the end of service, like any other seated customer.

Any further orders made by the customer will appear on the bill - a refresh of the page may be needed depending on when the bill is scanned (but the amount at the time of payment will always be correct as to what is currently on the tab)

Only one bill can be paid this way at the moment, but there are the usual options for split payment at the till. The customers can pay at the till, or can pay off partial amounts at the till and pay the remainder via this link.

Once they press Pay Now, customers are whisked away to the payment screen, where they can pay by Apple or Google pay, or add in their card details and save it to their email address for ease of payment next time.

Once paid they will receive a confirmation and a receipt gets sent to their email address.


Now that the tab has been paid, a number of items print out on your printer/s

You can switch these on or off in your printer settings.

  1. An automatic receipt can print with your usual receipt setup.

  2. A "paid in full" slip prints - to advise the person on the main receiving till that table has been paid

Once paid in full the tab/table will remove from Bustle and appear in your history as being paid via Bustle Pay.

This type of setup is great for when you want to get those customers ordering a second round, but if you want to remain in control of what gets placed on a tab, check out our other article on

Keen to set up QR ordering and payment with Bustle Online? Let's get started!

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