Bustle Online - Pop-up messages

Create messages to appear on your online menu to keep customers aware of wait times, specials, or ordering instructions.

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Keep comms high with your online menu customers by using pop-up messages for your online menu. Messages will appear when the menu page loads and are dismissed with the customisable button.

Create your set of messages

You can create a number of messages and have them saved so they can be easily activated. Start from one of the templates we've made or create them from scratch.

Head to Setup > Bustle online on your Bustle Hub.

Press Get Heard under Pop-up Messages and Alerts, then Press the Let's Do It button.

On this page you create your set of messages and activate or disable them.

Create a message

To create a new message from scratch, press the New Message button, or to start off using one of our templates, select the Create button under the template you're after.

The New Message window will slide out. Add or edit the fields to create your message. You'll need wording for a Title, the Message and the Button. Press Save

Create as many messages as you need so you can quickly access and activate them, or create new ones on the fly.

Activate your message

To activate a message when there are no active messages, press the Activate button under the saved message you wish to display. Only one message can be active at a time.

Your active message will appear now at the top of the page

Your message will now appear on your online menu when the main page loads and can be dismissed by clicking the button at the bottom.

Deactivate or replace your message

To remove your active message, press Disable Message, or to replace it, Activate another message from your list.

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