Most likely causes: Verifone terminal not set up correctly, changes on network or configuration, network/router issue.

Is the Eftpos button no longer there? Click below.

Otherwise here's some Quick Fixes:

Head to Settings > Eftpos on the posBoss iPad Till app. If posBoss and your eftpos terminal are not connecting, you should see the page below. 

If you're seeing the page above you need to make sure that the IP address from the Verifone terminal is matching the one in posBoss. To check this, press the settings button at the top right and enter in the address from your terminal.

Eftpos Terminal Provider = Where you purchased the terminal from and supports you for any issues.

First time connecting?

Are you getting an error that says the transaction was refused? This usually means that Verifone has not been set up correctly.

From the Eftpos side of things:
Ask your eftpos terminal provider to do the following:
They need to set the terminal up for an IP interface listening on port 20001. Do this by creating a record on the TMS (terminal management system) which is called Vericentre. They then download this into the terminal which completes the terminal piece. 

From the posBoss side of things:

On the odd occasion, posBoss files can get a bit mixed up, especially if swapping over terminals between iPads.

Try a delete and reinstall of posBoss  to see if that fixes the issue.
Here's the process:

From there it should be as simple as following the initial setup article to configure posBoss to talk to the right IP address.

Experiencing ongoing issues with connecting to eftpos?

Most eftpos issues that occur between posBoss and the eftpos devices are caused by underlying issues on the Router. A reboot of the router may help in the short term but if issues persist...
See our troubleshooting guide for ongoing intermittent issues

Other issues

Pressing Enter after cancelling a transaction

Depending on your terminal setup, you may have to press enter after cancelling a transaction on the terminal to send this information back to posBoss. To remove the need to press enter, contact your Eftpos terminal provider to get them to configure this for you.

My eftpos cutover doesn't reconcile with my cash up

  • Check with your Eftpos terminal provider what your cutover times are and make sure they match your trading hours.
  • Are your team putting through manual transactions that aren't recorded in posBoss? If this is happening and causing issues, speak with your Eftpos terminal provider to configure manual payments to be accessed via a menu to make it less easily accessible.
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