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Mods - How to use modifications on your items
Mods - How to use modifications on your items

Set up required or optional mods on items to add options from your menu

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Key Points

  • Mods are modifications to your menu items - such as "Oat milk" on a coffee or "Medium rare" on a steak.

  • You can set them up under Setup > Mod Editor, or on-the-fly within an item.

  • There are two types of mod setup

    • Optional - select as many of these as you like at time of ordering - e.g. 1x Sugar + Extra Shot.

    • Required - A set of mods with a purpose and you can only select one at time of ordering. e.g. Size - Small, Medium or Large.

  • Mods can change the sales price of the item. You can make a negative priced mod to lower the price of the item by placing a minus sign in front to of the mod sales price. e.g. Mod: Small, Sales Price: -0.50

  • Small Plan: There is a limit of 50 mods

Detailed Steps

Create a Mod

  • To create a mod, either head to Setup > Mod Editor and press the New Mod button, or open up an item you're wanting to add a mod to, then head to the Mods section and press Add Mod.

  • The mod screen will slide out. Enter your...

    • Name

    • Sales Price of the mod. +/-, or 0 (no value) is fine

    • Category and Subcategory where appropriate

    • Toggle whether the mod is to appear on your online menu for the customers to select.

    • If you want to record costings on the mod, press the button at the bottom left.

    • Add your ingredients as per the Recipe Builder instructions, or press record manually to enter in the value directly.

  • At the very bottom of the mod page you will see what items this mod is attached to (useful information if you are updating a recipe or wanting to delete a mod).

Adding mods to Items

  • Open the item you want to add the mods to and head to the Mods Section.

  • Locate the mod you are after by using search or dropping down the category section.

Adding an Optional Mod

  • You can add as many mods as you like to the Optional Mods list, and select as many as you like while adding the item to an order.

  • Locate your mods on the left and drag them over to the Optional Mods section.

  • To remove mods, drag them back and drop them in the mods list.

  • Save your item and sync your menu on the iPads.

Adding a Required Mod Group

  • You can add multiple mod groups to an item.

  • Firstly, name your Required Mod Group by either pressing + Add Required Mod Group, then naming the group.

    or dragging your first mod into the required mods section and naming the group.

  • Drag in your mods from the left and drop them into your new group.

  • Once complete, you'll notice one mod is blue. This is the default mod for the item (meaning if you use the swipe motion to place an item onto an order, it will automatically bring the default mod with it.)

  • You can change the default mod in the group by clicking on it once.

  • And there we have our first required mod group - in this case a medium flat white is our most popular, so we set medium as default.

  • You can add more mod groups by repeating the process below the mod group you just created. You can also move the mod groups around by drag and drop, to get them in the right spot for your team.

  • Don't forget to press Done on the item to save your changes.


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